Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Forthcoming - Southern Gothic, "The Collections Agent" and "The Spider-thief and The Sorcerer"

Southern Gothic - an anthology edited by Brian Centrone is scheduled for release on October 15th. It contains my flash story "Love Like Dysphoria" among other works of contemporary southern gothic short stories. I will post links to the various vendors when the book goes live. There are plans to publish via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, GooglePlay, iBooks and possibly Kobo.

After consulting with Bruce Bethke at Stupefying Stories it appears that "The Collections Agent" will be published soon. (Like, in the next month soon.) More details on that as soon as I have them.

Additionally, I received word last week from Crowded Magazine that "The Spider-thief and The Sorcerer" has been accepted for Issue 3. Publication is tentatively scheduled for early Spring 2014. 

"The Spider-thief and The Sorcerer" was a story I'd been working on selling for over a year. It had been short-listed at six different markets in a row, before being passed over. I'm so happy that it's found a home with Crowded. 

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