Monday, December 18, 2017

Once More Around the Sun: The End of the Year Wrap, Round Up and General Review of Things

This has been a year of even less blogging than usual. Mostly because I've just been busybusybusy and at the end of the day my social media stuff comes second to the other creative work. But, as we head into and through the winter holidays and the last couple weeks of the year, I thought I would go back over the highlights of the year.

In January I finished up a third round of revisions on the Epic Not Fantasy and it has been out in my agent's capable hands since then, looking for a home. January also saw the release for "Of Shade and Soul", the second book in Touch: A Trilogy.

In February I wrote the first draft of a project that is Jane Austen meets the Greek Gods for a retelling of the Hades and Persephone myth. Because of other work under contract that one got shelved after the first draft, but I'm hoping to pick it back up in the new year and get it ready for publication.

In March and April I wrote "Of Flesh and Bone", the final book in Touch: A Trilogy, and co-wrote a brand new novella for inclusion in the forthcoming Monster Society collection. (Currently projected for release in 2018.)

In May I wrote Mother's Last Child, and polished up the first draft of Jacquelyn and the Sparkly Emo Vampire Goat - both of which were released as ebooks later in the summer.

In July, Falstaff Books released "Of Flesh and Bone," and in August the omnibus edition of the trilogy came out in print and ebook.

In August I also started a Patreon which revolves around my Steampunk novel, The Gear'd Heart, and provides the opportunity to subscribe for $1 a month and read as new chapters are released every week.

I also started a YA novel in September and the first draft is nearing completion. It's a Southern Gothic, magic girl, fantasy that's kind of Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Gilmore Girls in rural Georgia. It's fantastic and I love it, but it's also been one of the harder projects I've written.

And, finally, in November I took a break from the YA novel and wrote the first draft of a Cozy Mystery/Fantasy mash-up that is loads of fun and also weird and full of feels. (Because you know how I love weird and full of feels.)

I will be updating some things here on the blog over the next few weeks with better links for those looking to find any of these projects I've been talking about. And, you may have noticed, I've added a couple of buttons to the top right of the page for those who just want to drop a few dollars into the proverbial tip jar. (One is, the other is Ko-Fi. Money distributed through either helps me pay bills and spend time writing instead of doing something else to make ends meet.)

This has been a long year, full of work, and some disappointment, but I am looking forward to 2018 and the projects I'm hoping to bring to you over the next several months.

Thank you to all the folks who have bought my books or support me on Patreon. Y'all mean a lot to me.

See you in the new year!