Sunday, August 5, 2018

At Long Last...

It's certainly been a minute since I last posted over here. This has been a year of stress, disorganization and trying too hard to keep working. 

But, maybe, things are starting to level out a bit now. 

I spent most of July finishing up a new novel for Falstaff Books. This one is a sequel to the SF Western novella "Brass Stars", and is the first of two books I will be writing for Falstaff this year. The release date for "A Fistful of Dust" hasn't been finalized yet (I just turned the manuscript in) but we suspect it will be sometime in the Spring of 2019. As usual, I will post more about that when we get closer to the release. 

I'm also working on a couple of novellas, pondering the revisions for the Cozy Mystery/Fantasy novel, and working on finishing the Southern Gothic Magic Girl novel. In other words, still writing all the things even if progress this year has been somewhat slower than in previous years. 

Also, if folks are interested in buying an autographed copy of "Touch: A Trilogy" you can check out my Gumroad page.