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Now available in The Weather's Always Fine in Paradise

(Beast Within 4: Gears & Growls - Graveside Publishing: October 31, 2014)  

     Summer heat grips Savannah in an iron fist. Even with the wooden doors at the back of the zeppelin hanger opened wide it's sweltering under the metal roof. Willa wipes a dribble of sweat off her forehead with the back of her hand. The fans turning overhead barely move the humid air and her shirt's already soaked.
     She glares at the guts of the tension­ triggered, chain transmission lying on the crate that doubles as a workbench. “More like tension fucked.” The derailing arm is sticking at all the wrong points, dropping the chain every time she attempts to change gears. She gives it another prod, prompting it to fold at the appropriate joints, but it moves as a whole and the chain snarls.

The Spider Thief and The Sorcerer
(Crowded Magazine: May 14, 2014) 

     Listening to my father was my first mistake.
     "Nicola," he said, "thievery and sorcery do not mix."
     I peered through the telescope at the high stone wall surrounding House Albemarle. "Surely no one would know the difference."
      He bristled, waving the stump of his right hand for emphasis. "They would. Besides. Would you turn out like your mother?"
      I bit my tongue to keep from mouthing the next words along with him. Stole the Grand Marquis's emerald salt dish, then turned dead as a roast duck by trying to teleport through a magic ward.


The Collections Agent 
(Issue #14: February 14, 2014 - Stupefying Stories SHOWCASE)

     Morning sun cuts through the grime on the window glass like a hot knife through butter, shearing away the last moments of sleep in one blinding stroke. 

     “Mother-rust.” I rub my eyes, irritable. Nearly a year since the operation and I still haven’t gotten used to sleeping on my feet. I unstrap the harness and stretch, easing the kinks out of muscles that are still weary from the previous day. The brass wings on my back stretch too, scraping against the dusty beams overhead, and the little engine nestled between my shoulder blades wheeshes steam up the back of my neck. 

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Vessels for Destruction 
(February 6, 2014 - Nature Magazine "Futures")
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Brass Stars 
(November 19, 2013 - Eggplant Literary Productions)
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Love Like Dysphoria 
(October 12, 2013 - Southern Gothic: Tales of the New South - New Lit Salon Press) 
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In the Cool of the Day 
(July, 2013 - Abyss & Apex)

The sun has barely crawled above the tree tops and already the house is cooking, humid and smelling of too many generations of tomcat. Miriam and Gran have scrubbed every inch of floor and baseboard and as much of the wall as can be reached without a stool, but the smell lingers. Especially when it’s hot.

Miriam nudges the screen door open with her shoulder, carefully balancing the tray with the pitcher of sweet tea and two glasses with crushed mint in the bottom. “I brought something to drink,” she says.

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(Issue #1: June 14, 2013 - Stupefying Stories SHOWCASE) 

The machine on the table hummed softly, accompanied by the gentle ticking of a clock. “Imagine,” Thomas said, “if one could wind and rewind time like a spool of tape.” He smoothed his upper lip with slender fingers in a bad attempt to hide his excitement.

Happy After All 
(Issue #5, Hard Metamorphoses - Goldfish Grimm's Spicy Fiction Sushi)

(March 9, 2012 - Daily Science Fiction)