Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bakers Dozen Agent Auction 2013

Just a little heads up about the upcoming Bakers Dozen Agent Auction.

The pertinent details are here: Bakers Dozen @ Miss Snark's First Victim

I entered last year and, although I wasn't selected as a finalist, it was a great motivation to get The Steampunk Novel query-ready. (In fact, I started sending out queries the same week as the auction.)

There is a $10 fee required for entry but it's well worth the money for the opportunity being offered. AND there are log-line prep sessions in the months leading up to the auction. AND it's loads of fun.

So mark your calenders.

October 29 and 31: Submissions for the Adult Fiction Category (everything except Erotica and Erotic Romance)

November 5 and 7: Submissions for Young Adult and Middle Grade (all genres)


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