Sunday, February 14, 2016

ConNooga 2016 - Schedule

Next weekend (February 19-21) I will be down at ConNooga. In addition to selling copies of The Weather's Always Fine in Paradise in the Dealer's Room, I will also be participating in five panels throughout the weekend.

3:00 PM Lost in Spice - Dune panel
5:00 PM Creating 3 Dimensional Characters

6:00 PM Intro to Fantasy
7:00 PM Writing Openings that Hook Your Reader
9:00 PM Writing: Building Tension in Scenes and Stories

Feel free to stop by and say hi!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

FORTHCOMING! - The Weather's Always Fine in Paradise

Coming on February 16th!

"Eleven stories about love, survival, and the depths of the human heart. 
Eleven worlds – some remarkably similar to our own, some dramatically different.
From the clammy dungeons and mysterious rooftops in The Spider Thief and the Sorcerer to the muddy, voodoo protected shores of Lake Ponchartrain in Legacy to the highrise slums of Venus in The Weather's Always Fine in Paradise, this collection of short stories will take you out of the everyday world and into the realm of 'what if'?
What if magic and knowledge were things that could be leased and reclaimed?
What if voodoo could open a woman's heart to the possibility of love?
What if the things that mattered most were not things at all?
Explore the possibilities in this short story collection from A.G. Carpenter."

That's right, folks. I have a short story collection coming out this coming Tuesday. It features some of my favorite, previously published stories, plus one brand new short story, and one brand new novelette. 

You can preorder a copy in paperback or .epub. (The ebook will also be available from the usual vendors like Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Scribd, etc.)