Thursday, June 29, 2017

Coming Soon: Of Flesh and Bone

It's almost here, folks! Of Flesh and Bone, the final book in the Touch trilogy is coming in July from Falstaff Books. And that means.... a brand new cover. (And it's especially shiny.)

Are you ready?

Delaney Green may have found her way back to the living, but her new body isn't going to last. Without magic, and still separated from Percy, she is forced to rely on the tangled memory of what might be to find a way to reclaim her bones. With the help of an old ally, and the reluctant assistance of new enemies, Del takes the final steps down a long road home. 

I will at LibertyCon this weekend (Jun 30 - Jul 2), but stay tuned for more details and some exciting announcements coming soon. 

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