Friday, April 8, 2016

Cover Reveal! Of Lips and Tongue

I'm pleased to announce that my Southern Gothic novella trilogy, Touch, is forthcoming from Falstaff Books.

I've been sitting on this news since the beginning of March, but the time has come to share! My lovely, creepy novellas are going to be out soon. Ish. I can't tell you how excited I am that y'all will be able to get your hands on these books. (I love all my books, but these are especially special to me.)

Today I can give you a look at the cover for the first book, Of Lips and Tongue, and a tiny peek at how it all begins.

"On a hot July day, Mama went cracked, locked my sisters and me in the tool shed, and lit us up like  a Christmas tree.

Addie, being the eldest, tore apart every shelf looking for something to break down or pry open the door, but Mama was cleverer than that; all that was left was the jars of turpentine and cans of old paint and the stacks of paper that were meant for the church fundraiser. Smoke curled in around the edges and every board was lined in shimmering red. I knew, right then, we weren't getting out."

Coming Soon from Falstaff Books!


Green Dragon said...

Fantastic! Gives me the willies!

Marian said...

It's an amazing book, gang. You'll be seriously creeped out, but you won't be able to stop reading.