Monday, June 22, 2015

Forthcoming! (Update 6.22.15)

This weekend I will be at LibertyCon. If you will be too, you can check my schedule here.

I also have two new novelettes coming out in July. In an effort to make my stories easier to find and obtain I am publishing reprints of my backlist and releasing a few brand spanking new things this year.

First up is Legacy. A steampunk tale set in Savannah and Lake Ponchartrain, this was originally published in Beast Within 4: Gears & Growls (Graveside Tales, Oct. 2014). It's a lovely, dark action adventure story with a dark underbelly. And shapeshifters.

Coming July 14, 2015! 

Next up is Dust. This is a completely original (i.e. never before published) urban fantasy with a heavy noir twist. 

Coming July 28, 2015!

In writing news, I finished an OGN (Original Graphic Novel) script a few weeks ago. The Southern Gothic is still chugging darkly along. The end of the summer tends to be a little slow in publishing land so I'm focusing on finishing up a few in-progress projects in prep for the fall. 

More to come soon!


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