Sunday, July 13, 2014

Revisions (Writing Update 7.13.14)

Just a quick note today. (And many apologies for the radio silence. We're in the midst of a rapid-and-unexpected move so the peripheral stuff is going to be a little hit or miss for the next few months.)

On Wednesday (July 16th) I have a guest blog over at Enchanted Spark. You may remember Melinda Moore guested over here a couple of months ago and is graciously hosting me as well. You should be sure to check it out - I talk about writing Brass Stars and dealing with hard characters.

It seems that The Beast Within 4: Gears and Growls may be coming out in October. It's been a little delayed, but I think everyone's excited to see it come out. Edited by Jennifer Brozek, this anthology includes my own steampunk-werecreature-Southern-Gothic story - "Legacy". And some other authors who you are more likely to recognize. (Like Ken Liu.)

A few weeks ago I finished up The Spider Thief and The Assassin King. This short novel started out as a short story and rapidly turned into the-project-that-wouldn't-quit. I've had a lovely talk with my agent, scribbled down a page full of notes, and now have a six week deadline to add some more polish to the MS. There is a fair amount of "Yay!" involved here. And also a bit of "OMG!" because... moving. Then again, who needs sleep?

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