Monday, May 5, 2014

Relationships and Other Fascinations (Update 5.5.14)

Every writer has themes or tropes they keep coming back to. Particular twists of fate they like to visit on their characters. Particular character types that intrigue them.

Some days I feel guilty about the fact I like to write primarily female MCs, usually tough, lonely and with a secret/not-secret talent. I start wondering if it's too formulaic that they tend to find a partner who is slightly older, capable but not a Prince Charming to their damsel in distress. (Mostly because my damsels may be in distress but they tend to solve their own problems with fists or magic or guns.) I worry that no one will be as interested in seeing how misunderstandings and hurt feelings happen and resolve without relying on the dreaded Big Misunderstanding (which I loathe in general principle).

But the truth is, I like exploring relationships between my characters. I like looking at what makes families tick. How children grow up and create their own families. How friends become lovers. Or enemies. (Or enemies become lovers.) I like the interaction because I think interaction is a significant part of the human experience.

The latest project (which was a short story that grew into a novella that is still growing into a real novel) has a relationship at its core. The Steampunk Novel has a relationship at its core. Why? Because a wild and imaginative as I can make my stories, the thing that tends to motivate my characters is the other people in their lives. And, because people need to act like people, and real people interact.

(Even Tashn, who is possibly the coldest, most driven character I've written yet, interacts. It doesn't end well, but she still interacts with those around her.)

In writing news: The aforementioned former-novella is up past 40k now. There's a fair chunk still to go, but I am reminding myself that there are really only two sequences left. BIG sequences, but they're all scenes in a row which makes them easy. Er. Easier. The plan is to have it all wrapped up by the end of the month.

"The Spider-thief and The Sorcerer" is due out from Crowded Magazine on May 14th. I'm very excited about seeing this one make it into the world and I will post the link as soon possible.

Also, reorganizing the blog. It's a slow process, but I'm working on it. Added a bibliography for the shorts. Next up is the flash fiction. At that point I will probably drastically reduce the "Published" list in the sidebar. (It will be redundant, that's why.) And, I don't know. Try and remember to write on the blog more often. (I'm currently experimenting with being more active on Twitter. And stuff.)

Happy Monday, folks!

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Kathryn McKade said...

Couldn't have put it better myself! I tend to enjoy writing characters who, for whatever reason, leave each other off balance - and then finding as many reasons to make them interact as possible.

Great post!