Thursday, March 20, 2014

Dreams (Writing Update 3.20.14)

Over the past week I've put a number of stories back out. A few trying to find homes on the reprint market. Several looking for homes for the first time. It was exciting. (I even pulled out my lone literary short and sent it back it out after having shelved it for a while.)

Last year I was arse-deep in querying the Steampunk novel and working two different sets of revisions as a result of that querying. I did work on some shorter projects as well, and tried to keep them out on submission as much as possible, but I didn't have the time or energy to do so with any long term dedication. This week I started getting that machine rolling again.

I also continued to work on the current novella (the continuation of the Spider-thief's story). There's a lot of outside stress which limits the number of words that get on the paper each day. In fact, some days no words get on the paper. But it feels good even to get a paragraph or two down.

I have also noticed that the stress sharpens the way I deal with my characters. Or maybe this story is just deeper than the last, but Nicola is facing big challenges - both internal and external. Which is fantastic. I like complexity and depth. It's also more than a little terrifying since I tend to worry that it's not nearly as cool as I think it is when I'm writing it.

But I'm working hard because I have a dream about this writing thing. A dream that some day it won't just be the thing I do in the evenings when the stuff on TV sucks butt. (Technically, it's already more than that, but then there are weeks where the writing is the last thing that happens and it reminds me that I'm not where I want to be yet.)

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