Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow News (2.14.14)

I did get a lot of words written on Wednesday (over 1.2k) but then there was this snow thing that happened.

Now, we had a snow thing down here in the south a couple of weeks ago. But this one was different. This one made my yard look like this.

 And it knocked out our electricity which forced me to do this yesterday evening. (See how all the snow is gone? It went from ten inches in the morning to 40 degrees and (mostly) melted off yesterday afternoon.)

I'm not used to making coffee in a percolator so it was kind of weak. But it was hot and that was amazing after a day spent shoveling snow off the driveway and then sitting in a chilly house. And this morning they (finally) got the power back on.

So, no words yesterday or today. And since it's Valentines I'm doubtful I'll get anything finished tonight. There's a bottle of port, some store-bought tiramisue and Mr. Carpenter to spend the evening with.

Happy Valentine's to all of You!

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