Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sand (Writing Update 2.6.14)

Today is one of those days I have trouble focusing on any particular project. But, after a few weeks of rebooting my brain following the revisions on the Steampunk Novel, it's time to start putting more words out.

So, I wrote the first couple hundred words on a sequel to Brass Stars. Right now I'm kind of ... egh about it. I like my plot, I like the opening, but I'm worried I'm about to spend too much time on the set-up.

Then I refined about 500 words I wrote by hand last night for "The Spider-thief and the Assassin King". This scene I liked. Nicola and the spiders are being bad-ass again which is always fun.

Also put in a bit of work on the super-secret side project. (Super-secret because I sometimes write under a pseudonym. So, I may talk about the fact that I'm writing it, but I won't tell you what it is.)

Which means, the day was fairly productive, but scattered.

Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to hone in on one particular thing.

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