Wednesday, December 18, 2013

WIP Wednesday

More from Thingbreaker:

Hmm.” He looks at the paper again. It's so small, I can't imagine there is much there to read, but maybe he's just using it as an excuse to let another handful of minutes pass. Finally he tucks it into his pocket. “Are you nervous?”
You're shaking.”
I rub my palms across my trousers but it doesn't help. “I don't like being in chains.”
His eyes get narrow, as though this is a sign of some sort of guilt. “And why is that?”
Because I associate it with bad things.”
A shake of his head. “What things?”
I hold up my hands, fingers spread wide so he can clearly see the scar on my palm. “Auschwensier.”
I see.” He's quiet again for a moment. “Tell me what's in the satchel.” Some of the suspicion has left his voice.
Brandon Ipcriss' right hand and the remains of a magic Siphon.”
He's well trained; there's only the slightest flicker of surprise around his mouth. “The remains of a Siphon?”
And Brandon Ipcriss' hand.”
And how did they come to be in your possession?”
Ipcriss made an arrangement with me. I would help him reclaim his hand and he would help me locate my family. I carried the broken Siphon because I was in better condition to keep it from falling into other hands.”
Other hands.”
There was a small army of simulacra attempting to regain possession of it. And possibly to kill or kidnap Ipcriss.”
And you helped him avoid them?”
I smile, hard. “I put them down.”

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