Friday, July 13, 2012


So. I'm pretty much a #fail at all the blog-related social networking. But I cannot resist when J.M Blackman drags me into the world of awards and memes. (She, btw, is much better at all this social media stuff than I am. And she listens to awesome music. And writes book reviews. And flash fiction on what seems like a daily basis.)

Without further ado: The Sunshine Award.

 Sunshine Award requirements are quite easy:
  • include the Logo and a link to who nominated you
  • write 10 things about yourself
  • nominate and link to 10 more awesome people for the award

My 10

1. I wrote my first real story when I was seven. It was entitled "The Cow Who Rode The Train". It was, predictably enough, a story about a cow named Bright who was sent from one farm to another via train. The ride along the tracks was rough. When she arrived at the new farm and the new farmer tried to milk her, she produced sticks of butter. ("All wrapped and pasturized." <- This is the only line I can actually remember from the story.) Even at an early age, my interest in speculative fiction was clear.

2. If I'm wearing a dress it's probably because I need to do laundry.

3. I laugh when editors/anyone address emails to "Miss Carpenter" and I laugh even harder when I think about asking them to call me "Mrs. Carpenter." 

4. Depending on which day it is I will respond to the question "Who is your favorite musician/band?" with either "AC/DC", "Matchbox Twenty", "Gorillaz" or "The Chemical Brothers."

5. I didn't go to college to study English or Creative Writing. My B.A. is in Moving Image Arts. But then I graduated and realized I was broke and making movies is expensive. Plan B is to become filthy rich writing novels and then go make movies. (That is only kinda-sorta a joke.)

6. There is something truly comforting to me about a cloudy day. Not a rainy day, but a cloudy one. A feeling of being in my natural element. Rainy days, on the other hand, tend to make me sad - in a bittersweet and melancholy way.

7. When I made my first (and so far only) professional sale, my first thought was "I need to call my mother and tell her." And then I remembered she had passed away six years before.

8. I have a paper fetish. There are at least five unused blank books on my shelf that I had to buy and then have been too afraid to use for fear I will write something crap in them and "waste" pages.

9. I love sewing but I'm kind of horrible at it. Every now and then I get the urge to break out the fabric and the patterns and sew a new dress or make something cool. I set up the sewing machine and spend a week doing one simple project. And then I put it all away. I have a big box (BIG!) of unused fabric because of this.

10. I draw as a hobby. I am surprisingly narcissistic about art too. I have dozens of attempts at self-portraits, none of which really look like me. And I'm crap at drawing anything other than people.

10 Sunshine-y People (I had to cheat here and link to some people I know won't participate but you should check them out anyway. Because they are AWESOME! And sunshine-y.)

1.Bettie Lee One of the few people to have read an entire draft of The Novel. And she likes kittehs and fairies.

2. Alex Shvartman Amazing spec-fic short story author. Not only does he write and sell like a madman but he does it in his second language.

3. Brenda Stokes-Barron Her Twitter feed is full of stories about homeless people. And weirdos. And she's an amazing author and editor too.

4. Lawrence Pearce He's actually kind of an anti-sunshine person, but I like him. How can I not when he wrote a short story entitled "Dead Girls at Christmas"?

5. Robert Scott A nut. And we went to college at the same place and mostly at the same time. He made a short film for class about a guy making an alien invasion movie. I laughed so hard I cried.

6. Amy Moffit Poet and philosopher of the most primitive and everyday sort. (And I mean that in a good way.) Half the time I cry when I read her stuff.

7. Mattias Adolfsson Artist. Whimsical. Fantastic. (Seriously. Every line is sunshine.)

8. Robin Mitchell Fantastic art that makes me all squishy.

9. Caleb Monroe Another fantastic author-type person (who even makes money at what he does!) I went to college with. With whom I went to college. Yes, that last line looks right. 

10. Bengal French comic artist. Must see. (And a warning, not-always-safe-for-work.)


J.M. Blackman said...

Your first story sounds like it was really awesome. I really wish I cold read it. YOUR taste in music is awesome and I'm tickled that you think the same of mine. When you make your movies, I'd like to help write the script. Or at least get a ticket to the premiere. Your number 7 made my eyes water. I share your paper fetish. I have many, many journals and I too am scared to write in them, until that need rises and then it's--which book to write? Thanks for joining in. You rock. I'll have to e-stalk your awesome folks.

Anonymous said...

I can relate to #8 so much. I buy beautiful blank books and can never find the *right* words to put into them. So they remain blank or I start writing in one and wind up regretting it because I've messed it all up.

Thanks for nominating me! I love these meme things :)

bettielee said...

Aggy, thank you so much for the nomination... I hope your feelings aren't hurt that I don't do the thing... I just get so many of these things, it would be the only thing I blogged about. But I do appreciate it.

A.G. Carpenter said...

Bettielee: No worries. I had to sit and think a bit about participating. (Like I said, I fail majorly at this sort of stuff. I'd rather be writing most of the time.) In the end I nominated people I thought my (handful) of blog followers should check out.

DigitalInkwell: You're welcome! They can be fun once in a while.

J.M Blackman: I vaguely remember finding a hard copy of "The Cow Who Rode The Train" a year or so ago, but I have no clue where it is now. If I dig it out I'll post it some day on the blog. (Maybe I'll even throw in the one page mystery stories I wrote a few years later.) :)