Friday, June 29, 2012

Relationship Dynamics

As I trodge through the latter half of revisions to the The Novel, part of my brain keeps ticking away on the problem of how to pitch the story. What should I say about it? If I boil down the plot to a single sentence or three what does it look like?

All of this (combined with several meme photos of Twilight VS Buffy: The Vampire Slayer) prompted me to start thinking about the relationship dynamics between my Main Character and the Main Secondary Character in my novel. If I had to sum up how their relationship works in one or two sentences, what would it look like?

This is what came out of that pondering.

Lowen: You're lucky I like you, otherwise you'd be dead.
Keira: Only if I didn't kill you first.
Lowen: I love you, you know.
Keira: M'ballacks.

And, because that one was so much fun, here's one for the short story I've been working on this week.

Owen Rex: I'm sorry I turned you into a werewolf but someone has to stop my bitch of a step-mother.
Willa: This is true. Besides, you're dying so I guess we're even.

So, my question/challenge/proposition for you is: How would you sum up the relationship between your MC and his/her sidekick/best friend/lover/companion/whatever?

If you feel like sharing what you come up with, hit the comment button. (They don't have to be snarky. Mine just came out that way.)

[To be clear: I have no intention of including either of those in a query letter. They are simply a part of my process as I figure out the heart of all the moving pieces in these stories.]

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