Friday, June 8, 2012

June Update

Things have been busy. And crazy. And crazy busy. But, I do have a few pieces of good news to pass along.

"The Collections Agent" - a longish steampunk noir tale - and "Caught" - a bit of speculative flash fiction - with both be published by Stupefying Stories. I do not have exact dates yet, but communication with Bruce Bethke (editor-in-chief at Stupefying Stories) seems to indicate this will happen by the end of the summer.

It also seems that pod-cast version of "Insomnia" is going to happen in the next couple months. (Details are being ironed out, but I'm very excited about this.)

In the meantime, I have a handful of stories on submission (trying out a few newer markets and a few older ones) and I'm working on several potential anthology pieces. And the novel. Which, as ever, chugs along steadily.

As the middle of the year approaches I'm evaluating my weekly and monthly goals in an attempt to wind up closer to my long term goals by the end of the year. Because closer is better than not-closer.

Thus far: I have failed in the monthly word count goals. But I haven't stopped writing altogether.
I am nearly finished with one novella and two others are chugging along at a predictable (if slow) rate.
The novel grows longer each month as well. It is not the massive progress I had hoped for, but each chapter is building on the last and leading to the following and that really all I can ask for.
I have completed one new short story since the beginning of the year and revised a half dozen (or so) others.

Besides, there are six months left to meet my goals. From where I sit, that's an eternity.

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