Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Always and Never

Just a quick note regarding my previous post.

It is perfectly true that not every rule applies to every situation. The fun part of being a writer is figuring out when you should stick to the rules and when you should ignore them.

With the "rules" I listed last time I would like to make the following observation.

"Always" rules are generally things that are best practice. Sure you can ignore grammar and spelling and tension and building interest in your character, but chances are you won't want to MOST of the time.

"Never" rules are generally things you should avoid because they are A) cliche or B) the product of lazy writing (even if it's inadvertent).

That is all.


Anonymous said...

Some rules are made to be broken once we understand their purpose -- poetic license. But following most (if not all) of them will increase one's chances of publication, if one cares about such a trivial thing.

A.G. Carpenter said...

This is true. And if one is looking for a career in writing that means striving for publication. If one is in it solely for the fun of it then I say rules schmules. (I, however, am aiming to be paid for what I write, so I try to understand the rules and what they mean and when and why I should risk breaking them.) :)