Sunday, June 19, 2011

People Are Stupid. Get Over It.

At some point every author runs up against someone who, for reasons unknown, just dislikes something we've written. Perhaps they say the main character is unsympathetic. Or they don't like the fact that you've used "adult" language. Or maybe they just find your story unsettling. 

Here's a quick heads-up. People are stupid. (They are also entitled to their opinion, but that's a different story.) They have biases and dislikes that have nothing to do with how well your story is written or what the plot is or whether or not your MC is a misogynistic ass. 

And, there is nothing you can do about it. 

So get over it. 

I know it's hard  to ignore the patronizing critique or the scathing comments left on your blog. But obsessing over one or two people who happen to not like your story won't get you anything but a bad case of heartburn. And responding in kind will make you look bad. 

So get over it. 

There is, naturally, an exception to this sage piece of advice. 

If you are beta-ing a story (either in a critique group, writers forum or via email) you should at least consider even the most outlandish criticism. Especially if you see the same type of comments coming from all your readers. This may be a sign that your precious story is not quite the piece of gold you thought it was. 

If, however, we're talking about something that's already published you should ignore the detrimental comments and go about your business. 

That is all.


Anonymous said...

I hear you. Believe me. Everyone has an opinion, and boy are they willing to share it! The getting over it part is hard, but necessary if we're going to stay sane in this biz, right?

A.G. Carpenter said...

Yup. I find it hard not to obsess over the negative stuff, but sometimes you just have to ignore the naysayers and keep writing.