Thursday, May 26, 2011

Just Hit Send

Submitting a story of any length - I include everything from Twit Fic to novels in the "story" category - is daunting.

In fact, sometimes it's downright frightening. But there is a "cure". It's called Just Hit Send. This is how it works.

1. Write a story.
2. Edit with a machete or any large bladed tool of choice.
3. Polish remaining lean, mean story to a mirror finish.
4. Run spell check.
5. Format according to the guidelines of the intended market.
6. Attach to an email with a polite but brief note to the editors of said market.
7. Hit send.
8. Repeat.

Step seven is the part that tends to be problematic. I've written and edited and polished stories, even written the cover email and then deleted it without sending anything off. Even when I know a story is as good as it's going to get I still waffle about submitting.

We all know the excuses.
Maybe I need another beta reader to look it over.
Maybe I should let it sit for a few more weeks, just in case I've missed something.
Maybe this isn't the right market.
Maybe the market is oversaturated with this type of story.
Maybe, maybe, maybe.

What we should really be doing is clicking the send button.
Because beta-readers are useful but in the end, only you can decide if a story is ready or not.
Because if you thought it was ready for submission last night, then it's still ready today.
Because you won't know if it's the right market or not until you send it in.
Because if your story is as good as you think it won't matter how many vampire/zombie/pirate stories they've already seen.
Because, because, because.

Doubt is just another name for procrastination.

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