Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lies, Lies and... All Right, Some of It's True

Jaydee, over at Jaydee Morgan, has passed the "Creative Writer" Blogger Award my direction. Below you'll find a list of eight facts about me. Only two of them are true. If you'd like to guess which of them are not false, feel free. I'll add another post in a couple of days to let you know if you were right.

1. In college I worked briefly as a catalog model.

2. My parents named me after a lobster boat they saw during their honeymoon in Maine.

3. I have a cardboard standee of Christina Aguilera in my closet.

4. I make all the cards I give to people for birthday/Christmas/Halloween including writing all the little "card poems".

5. If I could have any job in the world (besides this one) it would be designing toys for kids.

6. I'm terrible at repairing things around the house.

7. I once had a horror movie moment involving a group of people I'd just met, a lonely stretch of woods in the Deep South and dude having a mental breakdown.

8. My favorite colors are pastels.


Jaydee Morgan said...

How fun - I'm guessing 2 and 6. (I don't know why but I think the horror movie moment would be cool)

gliadoc said...

i'm guessing #s 4 and 5 are true!